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Oodle Doodle!

More ways to tell your inner child is still on the surface.

You like to go barefoot in many places. Especially sand.

Crawly things amaze you.

Shiny things distract and excite you.

Once you start to laugh you can't stop.

You still hold your breath in tunnles and make a wish

You believe every wish on every star.

You still believe in Prince Charming and happy endings.

You cry when animals look sad.

You still p[lay on play structers.

Your favorite juice is apple.

Nap time strikes you as a normal rutine

You miss velcro shoes.

When your upset you wanna slam your bedroom door and yell "GO AWAY!"

You call people meany heads instead of smething more colorfull

You sometimes jump for joy and squeel instead of just a smile and hug.

i have others... But i want to here other peoples! So that's all i'm gonna post for now. Feel feree to add some of your own okay?
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