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Rain, rain, go away come again another day.

It's raining today.... I wish i had some blue rubber boots with the whales on them. and my little mickey mouse umbrella. i coould go play in the mud puddles. Then my sister and i could watch the worms tumble down the street carried by the rain water and think it looked fun. WE now know they are drowning... not swimming.

We could pick leaves off trees and place them in the current of the water as it races towards the gutter, pretending our little leaves are boats and race them. Sit out side in the rain. Pull on the branches to make more rain pour from the limbs and squeel at the sound it makes as it hits our umbrella.

Yelling 5 more minutes to mom. After she's been yelling "You'll catch a cold" And we just smiled. Because we didn't care...

It's raining. i wish i was small, thin, energetic, healthy, and free anough to be in it.... But one thing i can do.... is hot cocoa... No wood stove. But there is cocoa and my aunt has a fire. So i'll do that... and watch Beauty and the Beast.
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